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What is group texting?

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Alain Pilon
What is group texting?

Group texting gives you the ability to add three or more participants to the same conversation. More specifically, Group MMS, uses the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) protocol to exchange ordinary text messages among a group of three or more people, rather than a one-to-one interaction.

If you sell real estate, insurance, financial products or travel, chances are that many decision makers are involved in a transaction. Group text messaging allows you to add all decision makers in the same conversation. You are probably used to group text messages with many friends in the same thread. The advantages of a group texting platform is that when customers text you, anyone on your sales team can get back to them.

How does group texting work?

A group text messaging platform allows businesses to connect your sales team to add multiple decision maker in the same conversation. When a message is sent by the participants or members of the sales team, the message is received by everyone part of the conversation. This becomes a great sales tool because you can easily keep everyone informed before and during the sale.

Group texting uses the MMS protocol to send and receive messages.

Why it’s important to use a group texting platform?

99% of all group text messages are opened in less than 3 minutes. While 1:1 conversation are great, when you have the possibility to add many participants in the same conversation, you include all decision makers in the same conversation. This way, everyone feels included.

Why Textodog?

Textodog allows you to connect your sales and support teams with all decision makers in the same conversation.  Our platform supports 1:1 and 1:many conversation.

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Sample Group Texting conversation flow

Lead:  Hello John, I’m interested in learning more about the property on the corner of Main Street and 1st Avenue.
Sales Team member:  Hello,  what is your first name and how can I help?
Lead: My name is Dave. I would like to confirm the exact square feet and condo fees.
Sales Team member: Sure, the square footage is 1934 square feet and the condo fees are 574$/month. Would you like me to call you or do you prefer texting? Is there someone else that should be part of this conversation? If yes, please send their name and number.
Lead: I prefer texting for now. Can I call you after work and set up time to see the property? Yes, my wife Mary should be part of the conversation, her number is 514-000-1111.
Sales Team member: Hello Mary, This is John, I’m a realtor who listed the property on Main Street and 1st Avenue. I’m including you and Dave in the same group conversation so everyone is informed. Here is my calendar with my availability for a phone call: https://texto.dog/calendar

[internal note from John]: Hello Sales Team! Great job on this one. They just scheduled a call. Great way to start a Monday

This is a perfect example how group texting can be used to qualify leads while you’re busy closing deals.