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Group text messaging for B2B sales

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Alain Pilon
Group text messaging for B2B sales

One of this biggest mistakes you can make when selling high ticket items is to ignore some of the decision makers. Your sales process must recognize multiple decision makers and include them in the conversation.

90% of leads and customers wish they could simply text message you when they have questions. Giving your leads and customers a chance to easily reach you when we they have questions is key to developing a meaningful relationship. It’s natural for a salesperson to gravitate toward a single contact person at an individual as the sales process progresses. We just need to think that CEOs get influenced by other decision makers so keep it in mind.

There are several people of influence involved in a typical B2B purchase. Statistics show there is an average of 7 people involved in each B2B purchase decision. The bigger the sale, the more people have input. Purchases of $500,000 and up typically involve six to 10 people.

How Textodog solves this problem?

Our group text messaging platform allows your sales team to add one or many decision maker in the same conversation. For more information, you can text us at 514-613-4154 or email us at info@textodog.com.