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5 Reasons Toll-free texting is better than short codes

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Alain Pilon
5 Reasons Toll-free texting is better than short codes

We get many questions about short codes and why we feel toll-free text enabled phone number is a better choice. We’ve put together 5 reasons why toll-free phones numbers will allow you to convert more leads into customers and offer superior customer experiences.

Short codes look spammy.

If you’re not used to receiving text messages from a 5-digit number, you may think it’s coming from an auto-dialer and you don’t even want to touch the message in fear of viruses or spam. Most people will ignore these messages coming from 5-digit short code. A ten digit number phone number is trusted and your leads and customers may recognize your toll-free number. You also want to make it easy for your customer to call you back at your toll-free number. Short Codes are only used for texting.

Start sending and receive text messages within minutes

Short Codes approval can be a lengthy process that can take weeks if not month. You can start sending and receiving text messages within minutes from your existing toll-free number your customers are used to calling.

Toll-free number function better than short codes

Toll-free phone numbers make it easy to implement two-way sms conversation than short codes. As mentioned, your toll-free number is a more natural feel for the end user and they know they can call you back at the same phone number. It’s becoming increasingly important to offer superior customer experiences at every touchpoint and your text enabled toll-free number is part of the equation.

Short codes are expensive

You can’t compare the monthly cost of a toll-free number compared to a short code. A toll-free number usually cost a few dollars to obtain and to host compared to thousands of dollars for short code. As entrepreneurs, we focus on return on investment and toll-free numbers make business sense.

One toll-free number for voice and texting

You have everything you need to get started within minutes. Make it easy for your customers to reach you at one phone number whether it’s by voice or by text messaging your business.