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Why sms marketing is officially cool

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Alain Pilon
Why sms marketing is officially cool

Did you know that 90% of text messages are open within 3 minutes? It should be surprising because we interact with our mobile phones 2,617 times.

Poor communication directly and negatively affects your sales. If you make it difficult for people to communicate with you at the time of sale, you’re leaving tons of money on the table.

Study shows that the first thing people do in the morning and the last thing they do before bed is check their cell phones. This study shows that an astonishing 74% check their phones before and during breakfast.  Most of us do check our phones first thing in the morning. I was surprised to hear that 10% of cell phone users actually wake up during the night to check their phones. We’re addicted to our phones and our lives are stored in these devices.

This is great news for businesses to communicate with leads and customers in a brand new channel. If you compare phone calls with text messaging, a service agent can speak to one customer at a time over the phone but many with text messaging.  Every day you ignore new technologies, new communication channels and new marketing initiatives are days you lose of leads, conversions and revenue.

Textodog is a group texting platform and we’re a perfect fit for businesses that sell high ticket items that involve usually more than one person. When you can include all decision makers in their preferred communication channel, everyone wins!