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Why group chat messaging is gaining popularity

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Alain Pilon
Why group chat messaging is gaining popularity

First came chat widgets that made it easy to communicate with sales and support teams. While chat software has so many benefits for companies, group messaging is gaining popularity. In this article, we make the case why business group chat messaging is becoming so popular.

Reason #1: Grow your sales by including everyone

For many sites, 1:1 conversations are great. For other products, not so much. I know from experience coming from the travel industry that our customers appreciate our group text messaging platform to buy vacations. Imagine if you’re shopping a trip with a bunch of friends and everyone traveling with you can chat at the same time to get the information first hand. It’s the perfect way to engage all leads.

Reason #2: Save customer frustrations

When you have multiple decision makers shopping around, it’s better when you have everyone involved in the discussion. Typically, when shopping around for something for many people, there is always one person in charge of getting the information and communicate it back to the group. In the case of travel sales and other products sold to many decision makers, it often happens that the person in charge communicates the information back to the group. The sales agent may have explained certain things that are critical to the customer success but the information never got transferred. Group chat allows the person in charge to include others in the discussion.

Reason #3: It saves time

One agent can only speak on the phone with one customer at a time. If you want to improve productivity, one agent can handle many messages at the same time.

Reason #4: It reduces cost

Consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to reach sales and support departments when they have questions. Leaving customers on hold for minutes and in some cases hours (we’ve all been there), is costly for companies. You pay a per minute charge for everyone waiting to speak to an agent when chat messaging could have cleared out your call center queue.

Reason #5: Group messaging offers a superior customer experience

If you some up all the advantages I listed about group text messaging, it’s easy to make the case that you’re offering better customer experiences. By communicating more effectively with clients, you’re not only saving costs and closing more deals but you’re also proving that your goal is to provide good customer experiences.