What is the best group texting app?

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What is the best group texting app?

In this article, we make the case why our group texting app is the best. We feel that businesses who sell high ticket items that involve multiple decision makers will benefit greatly by using Textodog.

Here are the top 10 reasons we believe you will close more deals with our group texting app for business.

Group Texting

Send group text messages to multiple decision makers in the same conversation

Get more information about group texting by clicking here.

Shared Team Inbox

Collaborate with your team, reply to leads and customers from one place

Get more information about our shared team inbox feature by clicking here.

Cross Platform

Available on Web, iOS and Android.

Get more information about our cross platform group texting app by clicking here.

Text enable your phone number or get a new one

Keep your existing phone number or choose a new one for free.

Get more information about text-enabling your existing phone number feature or getting a new one by clicking here.

Call forwarding

Forward your Textodog phone number to your call center or a mobile phone.

Get more information about call forwarding feature by clicking here.

Internal Notes

Add internal notes to your conversations to keep your team in the loop.

Get more information about internal notes feature by clicking here.

Contact Tags

Sort contacts by tagging them to easily send bulk messages.

Get more information about tagging contacts feature by clicking here.

Bulk Messages

Send text messages to many contacts in one click.

Get more information about bulk messages feature by clicking here.

Integration with over 2000+ other apps

Connect your apps using Zapier or our REST API

Get more information about our integration feature by clicking here.