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4 ways to communicate better with customers

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Alain Pilon
4 ways to communicate better with customers

In 2021, communicating effectively with your customers is expected. Yet, customers are finding it difficult to get a hold of sales agents when they have questions.

I’ve put together 4 ways your business should be using to make it easy for your customers to communicate with you.

  1. Texting platform with group texting features
  2. 90% of your customers wish they could text you. There is no better time to invest in a group texting platform that allows you to communicate with all decision makers in the same conversation.
  3. Imagine an insurance brokers selling whole life insurance and the cost is average $5,000 per month for 10 years. Chances are that the customer interested in a policy like this one will likely want to chat with their spouse about this expense.
  4. With a group texting platform, the conversation can start with a 1:1 conversation and finish with a 1:many conversation. Textodog makes it easy to add new participants to a conversation. The good news is that your sales team receive your business text messages and can quickly answer questions while you’re busy. This is what makes group texting so powerful. Include everyone and be available to answer questions.
  5. Chat software
  6. It’s hard to believe that many companies are still not empowering their sales team to answer customer questions while they’re on their website. Chat is the perfect tool when leads and customers are on your website. Before they leave your site, you can offer to continue the conversation by texting. This way, you still have a connection with prospect and you’ve made it really easy for them to write you with  questions.
  7. Email marketing with automation
  8. Email has an open rate of only 20% if you compare it with a 99% open rate with sms. Having said that, you can’t start texting customers unless you have their written consent or they text you first. Also, you must be selective when you send a text message or else it could backfire. We want to respect our prospects privacy and not be abrasive in any way.
  9. Video
  10. Video is an extremely powerful medium to connect with your prospects in a meaningful way. We really love Videoask and we’re planing an integration with them in the near future.