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Top 5 reasons to add group chat on your website

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Alain Pilon
Top 5 reasons to add group chat on your website

By now, you’ve probably seen the various websites using chat to connect with website visitors and their existing clients. We love chat because it really goes hand in hand with our group text messaging platform.

I put together the top 5 reasons to add our new group chat software on your website. (currently in closed beta. Email me at alain@textodog.com for access)

Reason #1 Sales and support agents can chat with multiple website visitors

Textodog is all about group messaging. We understand there are products that we don’t buy alone. For example, homes, cars, financial and insurance products, accommodations, vacations, often require multiple decision makers. There are many more use cases for group messaging and that’s why we focus on including everyone during sales and support stages.

Reason #2 Sales and support agents can handle multiple website visitors at the same time

Phone calls are 1:1 conversations. Sales and support agents can only speak to one caller at a time. With chat software, sales and support agents can handle multiple conversations at the same time. In some industries, adding a new sales and support agent can be costly. The answer is often to use chat to have conversations with many at the same time.

Reason #3 Show the value you provide

When decision makers are in purchase mode, they want to know they can reach out to you in case they have questions or challenges using your products and services. Chat software lets future clients know they’re only a few keystrokes away from reaching someone at your company.

Reason #4 Save on call queue fees

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach companies when we have questions or issues with the product and services. Leaving callers on hold for long periods of time is extremely costly and most call for simple questions that could have easily been answered with chat. Needless to say, leaving callers in the call queue for a longer time than expected is a bad customer experience.

Reason #5 Offer superior customer experiences

80% of CEOs and company owners believe they offer superior customer experiences. Only 8% agree with them.

It’s one thing to say you offer great service and it’s another to put your money where your mouth is. You must prove that you are focused on providing amazing experiences and not just say it. Typically, a good customer experience is related to speed of getting answer