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10 sms marketing stats

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Alain Pilon
10 sms marketing stats

Many businesses haven’t bought in to sms marketing. At least not yet. 60% of business are not currently using any texting service to enhance the customer experience. 75% of US consumers would prefer to text your business rather than make a call or send an email.

When looking for new ways to generate business, we often look for the new opportunities that gives us an edge over our competition. If this resonates, you will want to look over these 10 stats that prove that sms marketing is officially cool.

  1. 92% of US adults own a cell phone
  2. There is no better way to reach adults in the US than by sms marketing. (source) 92% of all adults in the United States are cell phone owners. After they opt-in to your sms marketing service to receive coupons, gifts and special offers, you can easily get a hold of them by text messaging them.
  3. 99% open rate for all text messages sent
  4. (source)
  5. Not only do 92% of American adults own a cell phone capable of receiving text messages but the open rate is at 99%. You can be sure when text messages are sent to your sms marketing subscribers that it will be read.If you compare the open rate of texting versus emails, it’s not comparable. Emails have a 20% open rate.
  6. 18.7 billion SMS messages are sent everyday worldwide
  7. (source)
  8. Text messages are the preferred way to communicate with one another. There are 7,6 billion people in the world and 18,7 billion text messages are sent every day. That means that there are 2.5 times more text messages than there are people.
  9. Text messaging is the most used function on any cell phone
  10. It’s not hard to imagine that text messaging is the most used function on smartphones. As mentioned, 18,7 billion messages are sent every day.
  11. 90% of the American population texts
  12. (source)This stats confirms that text messaging campaigns help you expand your reach to your audience members who will see your call to action.
  13. Text messages have a 99% open rate and recipients respond within 3 minutes of receiving them
  14. (source)To quickly reach subscribers, there is no better way than text messaging. They open sms messages within 3 minutes of receiving it. You can’t compare this stat with email since only a third of emails are opened. Also, Twitter and Facebook posts reach their intended audiences at 0,07%. You can’t beat 99%.
  15. The average email open rate for all industries we analyzed is 21.33% (source)
  16. 10,000 brand messages a day to Americans
  17. There is no better time to build your sms subscriber list. People have their cell phones glued to their hands. In fact, 10,000 branded messages are sent each day in the US.
  18. 90% of smart phones users touch their phones on average 2,617 times a day
  19. (source)
    That’s no small number. The other 10% touch their phones 5,427 times a day according to researcher Dscout.
  20. The average user spend 145 minutes per day on their cell phone
  21. That’s 2.45 hours per day that people are on their cell. Why is this stat important? When combined with other stats, this is great information for sms marketers. Especially when we know that texting is the most used function on smartphones.
  22. Heavy users touch their phones 5.427 times and spend 225 minutes per day on their cell phones.Heavy users spend 3.75 hours on their cell phones. That’s huge considering we need to sleep, go to work or school and do other activities other than tapping on our cell phones.
  23. As you can see, sms marketing is a great way to reach out to your subscribers. When you combined these stats, you should be sold on the idea. Obviously, you never want to start spamming your leads and customers but 75% of your existing customers wish they would receive your coupons, offers and exclusive deals by sms.