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7 Awesome Tips to Wow Clients with Text Messaging

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Alain Pilon
7 Awesome Tips to Wow Clients with Text Messaging

Text messaging is the most used function on the 3,8 billion active mobile phone across the world. Having said that, how can you benefit by adding text messaging in your sales and customer service process?

Here are 7 tactics that you can implement today to benefit from this amazing technology. Most businesses are using email which is slow to get a response and phone calls are often screened which end up in voice mails. My favorite stat is that text messages are read 99% of the time and people usually respond within 3 minutes after receiving it.

Text messaging needs to be added to your existing process to offer a better customer experience. Let’s dive in.

Tip #1: During the sales process

If you need to send a quote to someone, email is best. This way, you can attach a document or send a link containing more information about the quote.

Where text messaging is very useful is to send a message to your prospect to let them know you just sent them a quote.

“Hey John, just sent over the quote by email. Let me know if you have questions.”

The beauty of using a text messaging platform like Textodog, is that if John calls the phone number where he received the text, the call can be forwarded to a number cell phone or your call center. This way, you’re not giving your personal cell phone number. Also, if John replies by text message and you’re not available to respond, anyone from your sales team or department can answer questions.

Studies show that if you have a phone call with a lead and then send them a text message, you are 2X more likely to convert them into clients.

Tip #2: Send a text message at the right time

If you want to confirm an appointment or meeting with leads and clients, sending a text message a few hours before the meeting can avoid no shows. It’s impossible to know which clients are well organized and will show up on-time. Most of the no shows are because the client forgot to show up or mismanaged their time.

Tip #3: Immediately after a transaction

As soon as the transaction is successfully completed, a text message should be sent to let them know if they want quicker service, they can text their questions.

The beauty of Textodog is that you can send a group text message to everyone that’s part of the same transaction and converse with them in the same conversation. It’s a great way to keep everyone informed and offer a better customer experience.

Here’s the good news: if you can train your clients to text questions instead of calling, one Customer Service Rep (CSR) can handle roughly 10 concurrent conversations. Phone calls are typically 1:1 interaction.

Tip #4: Keep messages short

The great thing about text messaging is that you can get right to the point.

Try to keep your messages 160 characters or less. Some devices could start breaking your message if it’s more than 160 characters so It’s something to consider when writing to clients.

Question: Can I request 2 beds for my hotel room?
Answer: I added 2 beds request on your file. Please note the requests are never guaranteed and based on availability at the hotel.

When you train your customers to text you questions, you save money by reducing the call volume, and you create an amazing customer experience for your clients. If you think about it, would you rather wait an hour on the phone to speak to an agent or send a quick text message?

Tip #5: Keep text messages personal but professional

Texting is a great customer touch point. If you think that it usually takes anywhere from 8 to 15 customer touch points to make a sale, if use the proper way, text messaging can increase your conversions.

“Hey John, it was great chatting with you. Don’t hesitate if you have questions. – Alain from Textodog”

Even though we have emojis and giphys available to send in Textodog, I recommend limiting the use of emojis and giphys at first. Be friendly but professional first when starting a relationship with a prospect.

Tip #6: Text-to-phone call

This tip goes for any communication with customers but since you have less characters to explain your answer, be extra clear when sending text messages. If you feel your answer would be too difficult to write, text them to know if they’re available for a quick phone call to discuss.

“Hey John – Are you available for a quick chat? It will be easier to understand if I can explain over the phone.”

Tip #7: If you confuse, you lose.

We don’t want messages to get lost in translation. We all received a text message at some point from a friend that we interpreted as rude or condescending when it was actually meant to say something totally different.

The last thing we want to do is come across as pretentious, rude or condescending. Read your messages over and over before sending to be sure it’s clear and professional. Be sure you’re always projecting a good vibe.

So there you have it, 7 tips you can start implementing right away to increase sales, reduce cost and wow clients.