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3 must haves to become a successful Real Estate Agent

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Alain Pilon
3 must haves to become a successful Real Estate Agent

Research shows that close to 90% of real estate agents fail. That is huge! It got me thinking. What are the 10% of successful real estate agents doing that the 90% are not? How can the success rate be so low?

Step 1: Sell by being yourself

You probably got into selling real estate because you love people and you have an amazing personality for sales. There are tons of information out there about sales, some good and some really bad. Here is the secret: use your personality to your advantage, connect with people as you do with your best friends and make them feel like you are the one that will help them get in their dream home.

If you come off as cheesy or too scripted, leads simply won’t trust you. Remember that a home, for the most of us, is our most important asset. When people reach out to a real estate agent, they want to hear the voice of empathy, trust and most of all, personality. They want you to get them the best possible deal in their dream home. Be yourself and people will want to work with you.

Step 2: Invest in yourself

I spoke to a successful realtor that’s been in the business for over 20 years and he told me continuous learning as been the key to his success. If you look at New York City, there are roughly 11,000 properties that get sold every year with over 80,000 real estate agents to sell them. You can understand how competitive the real estate business really is in a city like New York City. The commissions are amazing because of the high prices but the failure rate is also extremely high.

How to stand out? Invest in yourself. The more knowledgeable you become, the more you will have to say about different topics. You can easily listen to books and podcasts on your way to work about various topics. Warren Buffet spends most of his days reading and that’s true still to this day. If it’s good enough for him, well, you know the rest. I suggest you check out Sumizeit. You can read and listen the summaries of popular books on their app.

Learning from others is critical. Remember the movie “Pursuit of Happyness”? It’s the story of Chris Gardner who work hard to get an internship job at Dean Witter without pay when he was flat broke. For those who haven’t seen the movie yet or haven’t seen it in a while, It’s worth watching it from time to time. It’s an inspirational movie that makes you realize that it’s possible if you are dedicated to reaching your goals. Chris knew the pain was temporary. He would work as an intern to gain the skills he needed to make it as a successful broker against all odds. His struggles show that anything is possible.

Step 3: Use technology but stay human

Invest in technology such as a good CRM like Keap which allows you to collect leads, convert them and create fans. A system like Keap will also allow you to automate your business with automation campaigns. There are many CRM out there so pick the one you like but we love keap because of the automation campaigns you can build within the app that work directly with your sales pipeline.

In 2020, it’s critical to have software tools for group messaging such as Textodog to better communicate with all decision makers in the same conversation. You will be able to continue the conversation by texting messages when the decision makers have questions. By the way, texting is the most used function on smartphones. The greatest part about using Textodog is that other members of your sales team can answer leads when you may not have the answer or when you’re busy closing deals.

I believe video is a great way to make your personality shine. There are software tools like Videoask that are increasing in popularity and make a huge difference when communicating with leads. It’s on our roadmap at Textodog to add these types of tools in the group messages.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at alain@textodog.com. If you are interested in learning more about how to close more deals, click here to download my 3 step guide here.