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5 ways to use group texting for real estate teams

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Alain Pilon
5 ways to use group texting for real estate teams

If you’re a real estate agent, you’re helping, in most cases, many decision makers in one deal. These are high ticket items that involve many people because they are important deals. In most cases, you are helping folks purchase their most important asset.

I put together various scenarios on how you can use group texting in your sales strategy.

Real Estate

Scenario #1

You’re a real estate agent at an open house and you meet a couple interested in purchasing a home. You start chatting with them and they let you know they’re in the market for a home and they love the area. You let them know how you grew up in this part of the city and you would love to work with them. You let them know that you work on a great team and that your customers benefit greatly from having many agents at their disposal.

They seem pleased with your pitch and you let them know that you will start a group text message. You explain that every time they have a question, they can easily contact you and everyone will be informed.

The truth is that these buyers may start texting you when you’re busy driving or better yet, closing deals. This is where a group texting platform like Textodog will help you offer an unmatched customer experience by having one of your colleagues quickly answer these buyers. In fact, they may be asking specific questions that you would not have the answer until you open the file at the office. This means that not only do you appear to be quick with answers but look like you have answers. Your buyers will be pleased with your service.

Scenario #2

You receive a lead from the MLS site and you receive this opportunity by email. Textodog parses the email and sends a text message that says:

Textodog: “Hello, this is Ryan Serhant. I saw you were interested in one of our properties. Are you available to talk now or do you prefer continuing by text?”

Lead: “I can’t talk now but I have questions. Can you confirm the square footage of the property?”

Sales Team member: “The square footage is 2000 square feet on two floors and a finished basement. Would you like schedule time to view the property? Here is my calendar: https://texto.dog/calendar

Lead: “That sounds great. I just booked time for later today”

Sales Team member: “Perfect! Are you looking to buy a property for yourself only or is this purchase involve others? If there are more involved, send me their mobile number and I’ll include them in this conversation.”

John wakes up at 8am and sees he has a new appointment booked for 11am.

Scenario #3

A lead calls your office and is interested in listing their home with you. You enter their information including their spouse’s email and mobile number in your CRM and realize they’re ready to list their property right away. You send them the contract using Docusign over phone for their e-signature and schedule time to visit their property. You move this opportunity in your pipeline from stage “Lead” to “Listing Won”. The seller receives a welcome email and a group text message in sent to both home owners. When they ask questions, you can easily be answer yourself or a team member can take over when you’re not available or may not have the answer because you need look at their file in the office.

Scenario #4

You meet a couple at a party and through conversation, they let you know they will eventually move back downtown from the suburbs. You let me know that this is the time to buy because homes in the suburbs have increased by 23% since the pandemic and that homes downtown have decreased by 10%. They are amazed at your knowledge and you tell them that you know these stats because you’re a real estate agent. You let them know you can send them these stats and forecast if they like. You tell them they are predicting a price correction of homes in the suburbs and downtown prices may not stay at this level. You let them know that they could easily switch homes in no time.

They are fully engaged and you take their mobile numbers and start a group text message for all of you. You send them a link to an article by texting the group that describes the exact stats and forecast. They think it’s great that you included both of them and when they have questions, you or your sales team can quickly get back to them.

Scenario #5

A couple is looking to rent an apartment. He saw your sign and sends you a text message.

Renter: “Hello Ryan, this is Alex Rodriguez and I’m interested in the apartment on 45th and Broadway. When can I see the apartment?”

Textodog receives the message and any sales agent can respond: “Hello Alex, thank you for reaching out to us. Here is my calendar and I’ll make sure you see this apartment today since we have tons of activity on it: https://texto.dog/calendar