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3 steps to Selling to Multiple Decision Makers

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Alain Pilon
3 steps to Selling to Multiple Decision Makers

Sales are hard. Trying to convince one buyer to purchase your product can be difficult. Convincing multiple decision makers to buy your products and services is even more challenging. Selling high ticket items or B2B sales often means many people involved. If you’re a real estate agent, chances are you are selling homes to couples and families so hopefully this article will help you sell more homes.

I’ve put together 3 steps to closing more deals when many decision makers are involved.

Step 1 Include all decision makers in your communications

You never want to exclude anyone part of a deal in your communications. That statement is the exact reason we decided to build the Textodog group messaging platform. I’ve been using group messaging for over 2 years and doubled my sales. I couldn’t believe how happy my customers were to be able to message us when they had question either on our website group chat widget or using the group text message we started for them.

When we included everyone that of buying a vacation we noticed that the decision maker wasn’t always the person we originally spoke to. They were part of the decision making but not always the one green lit the purchase. We got to the point of encouraging our prospects to add the ones they were traveling with in the group message.

A simple task like scheduling a meeting that works for everyone just got easier with group text messaging.

Step 2 Be available (even when you’re not)

When the prospects you’ve been working with are ready to pull to trigger, you want to be to cash in on your efforts. The problem will sales is that you can’t always be available. A group text messaging application like Textodog allows your sales team to send and receive messages while you’re busy closing deals.

Step 3 Educate all decision makers

When decision makers fully understand how different you are from your competition, you just got that much closer to sealing the deal. How do you that? It simple. It’s called education. If you’re a real estate agent, you can send a group text message to all decision makers with links to your latest article on how to score the best deal in a sellers market.

Educating how you will provide value to those who can decide to go forward is key to your success.

If you want to learn more about Textodog and the way it can help you close more deals and creating fans, click here.