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Why a Group Chat Widget for your website makes sense

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Alain Pilon
Why a Group Chat Widget for your website makes sense

People don’t always shop alone. Yet, 99% of all communication between sales or customer service agents and clients are One-to-One conversations.

Our new group chat widget works like all popular chat widgets but with the possibility as a client to invite others to the conversation. Textodog is all about group text and chat to allow decision makers to ask questions and get answers.

Here are the top 3 reasons installing a group chat widget on your website makes sense.

Reason 1: People don’t always shop alone

“Can you ask them this?” “Can you ask them that?” “Can you ask them to email us the info?” We’ve all been in this situation where we’re chatting with a sales or customer service agent and someone yells questions while you’re trying to concentrate. Since people don’t always shop alone for trips, hotels, homes, insurance or financial products, group chat conversations make sense.

Reason 2: Keep everyone in the loop

When someone buys products and service that involves many people, the buyer will ask tons of questions and hopefully get answers. The sales agent will want to give information pertinent to the purchase.

As a consumer, It’s practically impossible for us to repeat all the information correctly to others without missing key elements. With group chat, everyone part of a purchase can easily join the conversation and get answers. It’s the perfect way to keep everyone in the loop.

Reason 3: A superior customer experience

When someone is in charge of making a purchase for themselves and other people, it can be stressful for the customer. Nobody wants to make a mistake. By involving everyone part of a transaction means that everyone is informed, thus relieving stress on everyone. When you relieve stress and secure the consumer, you create a great customer experience.