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Customer Service vs Customer Experience – How texting helps

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Alain Pilon
Customer Service vs Customer Experience – How texting helps

There is often confusion surrounding the difference between customer service and customer experience. I hope to shed light to clearly differentiate between both these concepts.

If you’re customer obsessed and are looking to deliver happiness to your clients, I break down exactly what I do in my travel company. You can also download my 3 step guide how I see more trips with group text messaging here.

Customer Service

Customer service is performed by a human with their sole purpose is to assist clients while they interact with customer touch points. The goal of customer service is to increase customer satisfaction by making the client feel like they’re not alone. Customer service is when someone can help a lead or client make the right purchase and be available to answer questions. Every company has Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to ensure they can explain the products and services, and each customer touch point. The CSRs ensure your clients have a great experience for repeat business and referrals.

Customer experience

Now, imagine you call a travel company to put in request that you need 2 beds in your room. You call and you’re on hold. 30 minutes go by and you start to wonder if there is something wrong with their system. It’s been over an hour and you’re still on hold. You’re almost running out of batteries and don’t have your charger. They finally answer and you’re at the wrong department. How was your experience with this company?

This is where text messaging allows your CSRs to quickly answer clients. One agent can serve at least 10 clients. Imagine the same scenario as above, and you’re able to text message the business to request 2 beds in your room. You then receive a message back saying that your request as been added to your file and will be submitted to the hotel. Yes – don’t forget to tell them that requests are never guaranteed.

You could even have an automated menu when a client sends the word “request” to your business number. You can then ask the right questions and make sure at the end that you let clients know that the request as been added to their file and they are not guaranteed.

Customer experience also known as CX is defined as the perception customers have after interacting with your touch points throughout the customer lifecycle journey. This includes the emotional, physical, psychological connection customers have with a brand. Companies who don’t spend valuable resources. towards perfecting the customer experience will be left in the dust by their competitors.

Customer experience is a series of events or occurrences that leave an impression on someone or not. Good or bad, it’s what people say about you when you’re not around.

My take on the difference between Customer Service vs Customer Experience

A failed customer experience leads to extensive customer service. If you’re providing more customer service than customer experiences, the process needs attention. More than 80% of customers will switch to a competitor having bad experiences with a brand.

In conclusion, having a flawless customer experience by being client obsessed will help you gain a competitive advantage in crowded markets.