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How to Choose the Best Business Texting App

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Alain Pilon
How to Choose the Best Business Texting App

There are many text messaging platforms for business. How to choose the best business texting app?

Here are things to consider when shopping around for a texting platform to better communicate with your leads and clients.

1) Two-way conversation

I once received a message from my dentist letting me know that my appointment was coming up in a week. I responded to let them know I mistakenly booked the appointment on my wife’s birthday. (I know, big mistake! 😩 ). The dentist office never received my message. When they called me to ask where I was, I told them that I responded to their text message. Their answer: “We can only send out text messages but we don’t receive them.” How was I suppose to know? This was lost of revenue for the dentist office and a bad customer experience. I felt bad about the situation. I send them a screenshot of the text message but still, not the best case scenario.

The moral of the story is don’t book any appointments on your wife’s birthday 😀

2) Include all decision makers in the same conversation

In many industries, we sell products that involve more that one person. For example, while some people may travel alone, in most case we’re traveling with our spouse, friends or family. When a lead reaches out to you and you gave tons of information about your products and services, why not make it easy for them to ask questions? When someone makes a purchase that involve more than one person, why not send the information by text message to all of them?

3) Is it easy for your sales and support team to quickly respond when text messages arrive in the shared team inbox?

3) Is it easy for your sales and support team to quickly respond when text message arrive in the shared team inbox?

Many platforms I personally tried make it difficult to know if someone was responding to the message. How do I know if someone is responding? Imagine you’re a lead and ask a question by texting the business number of the site. Afterwards, you receive 2 message saying the same thing but in different words. That means that two agents responded at the same time. You don’t want this to happen. Textodog put safeguards around this problem.