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7 Customer Service Tips that keep customers happy

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Alain Pilon
7 Customer Service Tips that keep customers happy

I’ve put together a list of 7 ways to keep your customers happy. These tactics are essential to a successful business that wants to thrive in 2021.

Building a customer-first culture while implementing these action items into your sales and customer service process is key to a long and prosperous business.

We hope our list serves to inspire you:

1) Silence is golden

Someone once gave me amazing advice when it comes to sales and customer service.

“Are you listening when your customers are speaking or are you just waiting for your turn to talk?”

2) Do everything with a smile

Wether you’re on the phone, sending a text message to clients, writing an email or chatting with customers online, do it with a smile.

3) Create trust rapidly

You have a few seconds to build rapport and let them feel like you’re the right person to solve their problem. Sales and customer service agents can drastically improve customer satisfaction by simply being themselves, listening to clients to understand the problem and offering the right solution.

4) Hit the mental reset button after a bad interaction with a client

If you’re frustrated about another call or situation, you will come across as rude during exchanges for the next call.

I get it, it’s not always easy to deal with difficult people sometimes. I always tell my staff that after dealing with a difficult person, they need to hit the mental reset button. If they don’t do this, they will start the next call a little frustrated. The one thing customer service agents need to think about is that the next caller has no clue about your past conversations and these clients deserve great service too.

5) Send an email with notes from your discussion

If you want to impress your clients, let them know you will send information by email containing notes about the discussion. This will give you another touch point and prospects will appreciate receiving an email from you making it clear to understand how you solve their problem.

6) Send a text message immediately after a quote

If you sent a quote by email, you can let them know by text message that an email is waiting for them. There are important stats to think about when it comes to email and text messaging: emails are open 20% of the time while text messaging has a 99% open rate.

7) Make your call center as simple as possible

We’ve all called some business and waited hours on the phone while getting bounced around from one department to another.

Call Apple. Thank me later. Apple has a simple menu and you reach someone almost instantly. Every time I’ve called Apple, I received an amazing customer experience.

Remember that all it takes is to mess up one of your customer touch points and clients will talk about you negatively when you’re not around.