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3 simple steps to closing deals

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Alain Pilon
3 simple steps to closing deals

There are tons of resources about sales on how to get to the yes. In this article, we look at the 3 most important yet simple steps to close more deals. I’ve been using these tactics in my businesses forever and trust me,  it works!

Step 1 – Be a guide

When a guide dog leaves training school, the animal is able to help a blind person cross the street. Doing sales should be no different. When a customer has a problem, guide them from where they’re at and how your solution will get them to the other side.

Focus on this problem and how the customer will be successful with your products and services. Let them know how your solution will solve this problem. Let them know how you can make them successful.

Step 2 – Be available

To get back to our guide dog analogy, imagine a guide dog deciding he’s not available when needed most? It could become a really bad situation really fast. It can soon become a life or death situation. The same is true when it comes to sales and service. Obviously, some products and services won’t have the same impact if they stop working for a short period but be available when you’re needed.

Being available means a better customer experience and more referrals.

Step 3 – Include everyone

When selling products and services that include more than one decision maker, be sure to include everyone. With group messaging, it’s the perfect way to get this done. Let your lead know how you can add others to the conversation and they will be informed.

The best feature about Textodog, is that you can be available without being available. While you’re busy closing deals, others can answer for you.

I often spoke to real estate agents about being available and the types of questions some may ask. Most often, they don’t have the answer on the spot. With group texting, other members of the team can answer these types of questions because they’re at the office.