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3 reasons to add text messaging to improve the customer experience

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Alain Pilon
3 reasons to add text messaging to improve the customer experience

Here are 3 reasons to add text messaging to wow your clients.

Provide fast, accessible service

Can you name a single person who enjoys calling a call center for information or service? Chances are, most of the people around you would respond that those endless minutes waiting in line seem like the most precious of their lives, since they are initially unrecoverable, but mostly because they seem even longer than usual. This perception is quite legitimate. Nobody likes to wait.

With text messaging, the customer can communicate instantly with a company’s sales or customer service teams. They can ask questions, make a change, purchase or upgrade, etc. They can even add other people involved in the transaction to the conversation using Textodog’s group texting feature. This way, they get service in a few clicks on their smartphone, without having to stay on a website or in an application, or stuck on the phone for many minutes.

What’s more, this method is accessible to everyone. Even our parents, even our grandparents, know how to use texting. Downloading an application and browsing online is a bit more complicated for many people, while sending messages and pictures via text messaging is quite mastered for the average person. Texting remains a simple, user-friendly, fast and effective way to communicate.

Effectively communicate important information

Did you know that 99% of text messages are read compared to 20% of emails? If you had important information to pass on to your mother, but couldn’t call her, would you do it by text message or email? If you don’t want to be disinherited, chances are you would choose the most reliable method of transmission, which is texting.

Our world is more in flux than ever, especially since the pandemic began, which is all the more reason to communicate any changes better. The best way to ensure that important information arrives safely is by text. What’s more, Textodog’s group texting feature allows you to include everyone involved in a transaction in the same conversation, making two (or more) wise heads better than one!

Strengthen customer relationships

How would you like to receive a gift certificate from your favorite brand via text for your birthday? With text messaging, it’s possible to send targeted messages and offers with a personalized touch, so the customer feels important. It’s no longer about attracting new customers at all costs, but rather about making an effort to retain existing ones, your best promotional tool. Text messaging is an unparalleled means of communication to keep in touch.